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Fiction translations 


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     Welcome to my website.

     I’m Andrew Vdovin, and Fiction Translation is my English-to-Russian translation business.

    As you can guess, I specialize in translating fiction books.

    My clients are mostly fiction authors and publishers.

Translate a book from English to Russian
Translate fiction from English to Russian
Why Russian?

There are 260,000,000 Russian-speaking people around the globe, including 140,000,000 in Russia.

Russian is the second most popular language on the Web after English.

Russians are one of the most reading nations in the world.

Millions of Russian readers await your books!

Broaden your audience!

Translate a book from English into Russian
Why Fiction Translation?

Close communication with the author.

English-to-Russian fiction translator offering fiction translation service

Once translated, your book will sound better than many of those originally written in Russian!

Bonus video reviews on all your writings translated.

A very fluent Russian translation of your book sounding absolutely natural to any target-language reader.

Five different payment plans offered.

Perfect grammar, neat style, no spelling mistakes or typos.

Vast experience in writing fiction in Russian.

Strong academic backgound in linguistics and literature.

17 years in professional translation and editing services.

Looking for the best price? What about $0.03 per word?

Order a FREE sample translation!
I can translate up to 300 words of your fiction for free to show you my skills.
Translate a book into Russian

Andrew did an excellent job translating a short novel. I appreciated his dedication in providing a flawless final product and his attention to detail. Highly recommended!

Daniel Frisano, author, 25 Aug 2017