Andrew Vdovin

English-to-Russian translation services
My name is Andrew Vdovin, I am a professional English-to-Russian translator specializing generally in fiction.

I received my B.A. in Linguistics and Literature from Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia, in 2000.

A scan of my Diploma (in Russian).

Since then I have worked for many Russian and foreign publishers as

a fiction translator, editor and author.


I translate fiction books from English to Russian.

You are welcome to view the feedback from my previous clients – you will definitely like it.


Fiction translation is one of the most challenging areas, but that makes me love it even more. My motto is, Make your translation sound absolutely natural to any target-language reader. That’s only possible if you have an extremely good command of your own native language - AND a natural flair for creative writing.

I do have both. My fiction translations are always as good as the originals (and sometimes even better).

If you're familiar with Russian, please feel free to visit my Portfolio page to find a few samples of my previous translations.

Although fiction translation is definitely my favorite sphere, I have also worked as a translator in many other areas, from PC games to railcar building. If interested, here are a couple of references.

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Moreover, I write stories and short novels myself. Quite a few of them have been published and some are even literary award winners.

If you translate fiction, you have to be very good at creative writing in your own language, otherwise your translations will sound blank and unnatural to native Russian-speaking readers.

A few samples of feedback from my readers can be viewed here.

And, if you're familiar with Russian, you are most welcome to read a couple of my short stories.

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I have worked as an editor for many Russian newspapers and several Russian publishers such as AST, Terra Fantastica, Dmitriadi Creative Group, etc.

A few pieces of feedback from my clients.

To be an editor, you must have perfect grammar skills and a keen eye for spotting any kinds of mistakes, including logical fallacies or plot holes (not to mention ordinary typos).

My Russian literary skills are what I really proud of – you’ll have a hard time finding a Russian language expert as good as me. No false modesty.

That’s because I love reading, and I’ve read a helluva lot of books, from classic novels to modern fiction stories, both originally written in Russian and translated from other languages. And I’ve always learned from such great Russian authors as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Nabokov, Bulgakov, Sholokhov, Pasternak, Pelevin, etc. Literary Russian language is my passion and obsession.

And I am more than attentive to detail. One of my clients even called me a literary neat freak. )))

So the final Russian version of your book will be flawless. Period.

I can edit even very poorly written texts, turning them into pretty good stuff to read. With me, nobody will ever say "Garbage in, garbage out."

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