Frequently  Asked Questions

    Why should I choose Russian?

   - There are 140 million people in Russia, and approximately 260 Russian-speaking people all the around the world – quite a number, isn't it?

   - Russian is the second most popular language on the Web after English.

   - Russians are one of the most reading nations in the world – 60% of them read books at least once a week.

   - Foreign fiction is very popular in Russia, especially science fiction and fantasy.

   - Russian is a very rich and beautiful language (if handled skilfully), and the Russian version of your book will be a brilliant piece of prose.

Translate fiction from English to Russian
    Why should I prefer you over any other translator?

   - Each translator specializes in his/her areas of focus. Mine is fiction translation. This is the most challenging and creative area where being a professional translator is not enough – you have to be a very good writer in your own native language. For more details, please visit this page.

   - You can order a free sample translation of any part of your story (up to 300 words) to check my skills.

   - Depending on your specific situation or budget, you can choose a payment plan that is most suitable for you. There are 5 different payment plans offered.
   - Once translated, your book will sound better than many of those originally written in Russian. Perfect grammar, neat style, no spelling mistakes, not even a single typo – isn't that what you need?
   - I never work indifferently. Every piece of prose I translate makes me deeply concerned about the final result. I’ll treat the Russian version of your story as my own baby, meticulously making it as perfect as possible.
   - Close communication with the author throughout the process to avoid any inconsistencies between the source text and the target text.
   - As a bonus, I’ll make a video review on your book in Russian and/or English.
   - Additionally, I can offer graphic design and prepress services (via my partners). Moreover, I can help you get your book published in Russia.



    What makes you an expert in English-to-Russian fiction translation?

   - 17 years of experience as a professional translator.
   - B.A. Degree in Linguistics.
   - 5 year academic curriculum in Russian and World Literature.
   - I have a lifelong love for reading fiction books.
   - I write fiction myself (in Russian), and many of my stories have been published and/or awarded.
   - I’ve always learned from the greatest Russian writers, both classic and contemporary, how to master my own literary skills.
   - I know Russian grammar inside and out, and my Russian vocabulary is immensely rich.

    Why not use the services of a translation agency?

   - It will be much more expensive, for any agency has to involve at least 4 specialists – a translator, an editor, a proofreader and a project manager. All of them have to be paid for their work, not to mention the agency’s owner. I will do everything alone.
   - You probably prefer an agency because they can translate your book much faster there? Yes, they can. But in this case your book will be split between a bunch of translators. And that is a very bad idea. Each translator has his/her own literary style, and their writing skill levels are most probably very different. So your book will look quite motley and require a great deal of editing (which probably won’t be entirely sufficient anyway). Fiction translation is not the case when a quick turnaround is an advantage. It’s quality that matters most.
   - Close communication between the author and the translator throughout the process is very important. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to communicate with one freelancer only (which is easier and more effective) or a bunch of people via a project manager.



    I have a Russian-speaking friend, why not ask him/her to translate my book for a less price?

   - Bad idea, unless your friend is not a professional translator. But even a professional can fail when it comes to fiction translation. Wonder why? Then visit this page.

    Why are your ratings so high?

   - Actually, they are not. If you choose to use a US translation agency, you will be charged at least $0.07 per word. 
On the contrary, my rates are very low, all the more so because translation of literary works is one of the most challenging and creative translator’s jobs.



    Why are your ratings so low?

   - As a translator, I specialize in many areas, but fiction is my absolute favorite. In fact, I want to translate nothing else but fiction. That’s why I’ve created this website. And that’s why I’ve made my rates so low – I want to attract as many authors as possible. However, as soon as I feel getting overwhelmed, I’ll start raising my rates to reach a proper balance. So there’s no time like the present – you’d better seize the opportunity!



    How can I be sure my book will be well-translated?

   - You can take a small piece of my translation and show it to any native Russian speaker. Or, if you feel that’s not enough, you can hire a separate proofreader. Once you make sure the Russian version of your story/novel is brilliant, you’ll never want to pay extra money for proofreading services again.
Besides, I offer a free sample translation of up to 300 words.

    How long does it take to translate a fiction book?

   - It depends on the volume of your book. When it comes to fiction translation, my average daily throughput is 1,500 words. Novels containing up to 150,000 words are normally completed within 3 months (including translation, editing and proofreading). If you pay 100% upfront or by 3 monthly installments, you’ll receive the translation in 3 months. However, if you prefer to pay for a longer period (6, 9 or 12 months), the final translation will be delivered in parts, and you’ll receive the last part after making the last payment.



    I have a short story that should take less than a month to translate. Can I still pay in parts rather than 100% upfront?

   - Yes you can. But that will be more expensive. If you choose 100% upfront, you pay $0.03 per word. If you prefer to pay in two parts (like half upfront and half on completion), it will be $0.04 per word. Paying in three parts will make it $0.05 per word.

    Do you translate poetry?

   - Yes I do. And I'm sure you understand that poetry translation is much more difficult and hence much more expensive than prose translation. That's why, if your story or novel includes verses or other poetic passages, they are to be charged differently - at least $0.10 per word.



    Do you translate from Russian to English as well?

   - When it comes to fiction, no. To translate fiction into English very well, one should be a native English speaker with perfect creative writing skills. So if you need a literary translation from Russian to English, you'd better find a native English speaking professional.

    Do you use CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools to make your work quicker and cheaper?

   - No, I never use those when translating fiction – it's a bad idea to use any CAT tools for literary translation where the same words or phrases can very often be translated quite differently. Like any high art, literary translation should be 100% hand-made.

    I have a machine translation of my book. Can you just edit it to make it sound good?

   - No. Editing a machine translated fiction text is really nerve-wracking. It would be quicker and easier for me (and cheaper for you) to translate your book from scratch.



    What else do you translate except fiction?

   - Fiction translation is my most favorite area. However, I do work in other areas, including Archaeology, Cinema, Culture, Drumming, Education, Ethnography, Game Localization, General, Geography, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing, Mythology, Paleontology, Philology, Popular Science, Rail Car Building, Railways, Religion, Self-help, Tourism, TV, Weapon & Armor, Web Localization, Zoology. In interested, here are a couple of references.

    Are you willing to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

   - Sure. Your literary works are your intellectual property, which means everything to me.



    Will I be the sole right owner?

   - Yes, you will own all the rights to the translation. My only requirement is that my name as the translator should be specified somewhere on the title page of your book. Also, I would like to have the right to demonstrate a short part of the target text in my portfolio along with the corresponding part of the source text.

If you want me to translate a book from English into Russian, feel fre to contact me. Do you want me to translate a book from English to Russian? If you want me to translate a book into Russian, I'd be glad to help you with having a book translated from English into Russian.
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