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I needed to translate a book from Russian into English, as part of research for my new historical fiction book. I have tried other translators and it proved to be a waste of time and resources. When I discovered Andrew, I assumed it will be another disappointment. It wasn’t. I cannot stress hard enough how professional, prolific, and hardworking this translator proved to be. Reading the English he translated from Russian, I saw no difference between his text and one that would have been translated by a native English speaker. The communication was also incredible. I recommend Andrew from my heart, and promise a thorough and incredible translation.
A.G. Mogan, author, 12 Sept 2018 

Translate a story from English into Russian

Andrew, thank you so much for translating my story "Base of a Triangle"! You were quick and business-like all the way and it was a joy to work with you!

Nancy Kilpatrick, author, 5 May 2018 

Translate a story from English into Russian

Andrew did an excellent job translating a short novel. I appreciated his dedication in providing a flawless final product and his attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Daniel Frisano, author, 25 Aug 2017 

Translate a story from English to Russian

Good evening Andrew.
My name is Igor Litvinov, I am an editor in this project. I regularly check your translations within the project. From the very first task it became obvious that you were a reliable person to work with. Impeccable quality of work and strict compliance with deadlines.
It's been a pleasure once again to read your translation – I appreciate your creative approach and attention to detail.
Thank you for your amazing professionalism. And thanks for being with us!
Igor Litvinov,  editor, 14 Oct 2015

Translate a story into Russian

I worked with Andrew on a sports-oriented piece of fiction. He has proved himself as a very responsible, punctual and professional translator.

What I liked most of all is that Andrew didn’t translate the source text in a literal manner but rather focused on the meaning behind the words to find the most appropriate expressions in Russian, and at the same time he always used correct specific terms when required.

I can say with conviction that Andrew is the best translator of all those I ever worked with!

Alexander Snav, customer, 16 Dec 2009

Translate a fiction story into Russian

My feeling is that non-natives should be allowed to enter translations in their working pairs. For example, Andrew Vdovin might do quite a good translation into English!
David Knowles, translator, 13 Jul 2007

Translate a fiction story from English into Russian

I live in America but I write books in Russian. Now it's time for a big book in English. I'm fluent in spoken English, but literary translation is much too serious a thing.

I searched for a translator for a long time. First in America, then in Canada, Spain, Germany, etc. But it was very bitter experience. There were many who tried translating my book and who called themselves translators.

But it's one thing to translate any kind of document, and it's quite another to translate fiction books. I searched through a lot of translation websites, but only here have I found a translator who totally fits.

Now, I'll always recommend Andrew Vdovin as a professional translator who respects his client's suggestions and does his work beautifully.

Steven Rox, author, 12 Dec 2004

Translate a fiction story from English to Russian

Hello, Andrew,

I was looking forward to your reply, and my hopes have been fulfilled. I've read your translation and I can see it was done by a professional and, what's more important, a detail-oriented person. All your changes are undoubtedly better than my efforts. I've always thought a professional would do such job much better. And you've proved it with your sample.

Steven Rox, author, 20 Nov 2004

Translate a fiction book from English into Russian

I'd like to say a couple of words about the language of the Song... It's... unusual, that's the word to describe it. The author herself confessed she had styled it after Old English to create a stronger atmosphere of "unreality" – and it seems she succeeded brilliantly with that, for, as you read the book, you understand for sure that this is definitely not the way people speak today! And special thanks should be given to Andrew Vdovin who managed to recreate this ancient feel in his Russian translation, which makes the Song somewhat non-modern but very pleasant to read anyway. Though, fans of gripping plots and fast-paced narrative might probably dislike the long and extensive dialogues of the characters, especially the dragon characters who speak solely in an "elevated" language. However, as far as the psychology and the overall ethos of Kolmar are concerned, the way they talk to each other is entirely consistent, so if you don't like the dialogues then you'll most probably hold the same view on the whole book.

Annaeyra, reader, 14 Oct 2012

Translate a fiction story from English to Russian

Written from different characters' points of view, this book reminds you of classic English adventure novels (special thanks to the translator!). This novel is not so much about the heroine's adventures (although there are plenty of those) as an attempt to depict the process of establishing contact between peoples that haven't interacted with each other for almost five thousand years... Psychologically, it's pretty interesting, even though a bit naive, not to mention the flavor of a romance novel. To me, however, it's a wonderful piece of fantasy.

Andrei Ermolaev, editor, 5 Oct 2012

Translate a fantasy book from English to Russian

What I also liked very much is the style of the novel. Or, more correctly, the translation. Perfect Russian language, and really wonderful to read. Sometimes you take a translated book by a foreign author, start reading, and go like, "What, you call it Russian? Give me a break!" And you're not even sure who's to blame – the author or the translator, or probably both. In this case, however, everything is perfectly turned, and each phrase sounds absolutely natural within the context, like real Russian. Sometimes the style does become too grandiloquent, but that's exactly what's stylistically required here: I believe it was the author's intention to make the dragons' way of speaking so different from that of the humans.

Silmara, reader, 10 Oct 2006

Translate a fantasy book from English into Russian

The author's language is styled slightly after Old English, and the translator (A. Vdovin) has brilliantly managed to make the language of the novel non-contemporary and yet easy to read.

Terra Fantastica, publisher, 30 Aug 2006


P. S.

If you want to see some feedback on my non-fiction translation skills, here are a couple of references.

Translate fantasy from English to Russian

Dmitry S. was most profoundly impressed! (Of course, like any author he tried to find something not to be quite agree with, but could only find one little thing to be just slightly adjusted rather than changed)))))).

He called you Editor No. 1, characterizing your work as absolutely brilliant, and was extremely lavish with praises and compliments...

Dmitry Dmitriadi, publisher, 22 Aug 2012

Translate fantasy from English into Russian

Andrew, I always knew I was not too good at commas, but only after your revision have I realized just how poor I am at that kind of stuff. Thanks for correcting all my mistakes and turning my raw-written story into something readable. And also for helping me find a proper name!

Aleksey Zubko, author, 19 Dec 2010

Translate a fantasy book into Russian

I worked with Andrew on a few transcribing and editing projects and was most impressed. Accurate, punctual and diligent, he goes about his work very seriously and carefully. And his language skills are really good.

We’ll definitely keep working with him!

Kirill Turansky, producer, 25 Mar 2010

Translate fantasy into Russian

I recommend Mr. Vdovin as a perfect editor, a wonderful specialist and a real professional who can perform a huge amount of high-quality work in an unbelievably tight time frame.

Looking forward to further cooperation!

Dmitry Dmitriadi, publisher, 6 Aug 2009

English-to-Russian translation services

I'm very much obliged to Andrew for his help as an editor. "A Fragment of God" is my first science fiction story, so it was really difficult for me to lick it into shape. Andrew helped me understand that my highly scientific and matter-of-fact style wasn't a good choice. Fiction is fiction, and it shouldn't sound like an academic paper.  Otherwise it would be boring to read, and that's the last thing I, as an author, want for my readers. Thank you very much for your professionalism!

Evgeny Vdovin, author, 12 Aug 2008

Translate a book from English to Russian

A very interesting short story. I like this kind of rustic mystical fiction, especially written in such a specific "folk" language.

A.A. Kotenko, 29 Nov 2007

Translate a book from English into Russian

This is a beautifully and humorously written story about how the heroine married off her dead sister. Now, if you wanna know HOW she did it, read the story...

The writing style is excellent, the dialogues are lively, the characters are depicted very convincingly. Moreover, the introduction is pretty interesting, followed by growing tension that finally culminates in a very effective climactic scene. You couldn't ask for anything better!

Anzhelina Melkumova, 28 Nov 2007



Translate fiction from English to Russian

I'll gladly visit your page to download something else to read. A facile style, stunningly original ideas, thorough knowledge of the subject matter (what amazed me most was the name of the thunder god from the Chinese mythology), and all this goes to prove that the author is hugely talented and works carefully and meticulously.

It's awesome. And it gives a very fresh feeling. It's probably the effect of the cleanest air of the Altai Mountains.

Keep up the kick-ass work, there are no limits, right?

Anayoliy Radov, 7 May 2008



Translate fiction from English into Russian

Fascinating. Simply gorgeous! Both the intention and the performance are excellent. This is what I call a unique author's style. Splendid!

You are a wonderful narrator. Your prose evokes a torrent of thoughts, feelings and emotions. You seem to have access to all the treasure troves of language. Thank you very much.

Yekaterina Berezhnaya, 28 Nov 2010

Translate a book into Russian

I like it very much. An interesting plot, an unexpected ending, a vivid image of the protagonist, a bunch of fairy-tale elements and fantastic characters. The author managed to convey the atmosphere of old-time country life very well. The style of the story is rich, picturesque and emotionally expressive. The author's command of the language is impeccable.

Verdict: Excellent!

Lyudmila Gerasimova, 15 Jun 2010

Translate fiction into Russian

I don't have enough words to describe the author's narrative skills. Just read the story.

For one thing, I read this pretty sizable story through in one sitting without even noticing it. Thanks a lot!

The character is too real not to feel for him. The ending is very sad, that's why I don't feel like reading the story again. Is it a reproach or a praise? Definitely a praise. The last time I felt something similar was when I read about Porthos's death in "The Three Musketeers". Thank you for your tale!

Evgeny Shchukin, 8 Dec 2008

Translate a story from English into Russian

Holy cow!

Or, to put it shorter, wow!

Though "wow" isn't at all suitable for the gorgeous and colorful style of the natural Russian language the story is written in. It's styled after that of the 19th century, and there was a moment when I took it as a challenge, so I started to look for any inaccuracies or inconsistencies. You can always find those in such stylizations. However, I found none in this story! In full compliance with good literature, every word here is necessary and in its right place. Yes, this is something truly made in Russia!

Now, the plot... Hmm. After reading the first two pages, I was sincerely surprised that even though nothing at all had yet happened, it was still very exciting to read. And I thought like, "OK, with such a narrative style, I can turn a blind eye to the fact that there's no plot and just read it for sheer enjoyment." And then, bang! - came the climax, unexpected and shocking, like a bucket of ice water poured over your head! In strict accordance with the genre of mystical writing. Beautiful!

Roman Surzhikov, 20 Sept 2008



Translate a story from English to Russian

The author does understand child psychology. I never regretted spending my time reading this. Thanks a lot. It was like stepping back into childhood...

And one more thing I liked: perfect grammar.

Anzhelika Arakelova, 19 Jul 2013



Translate a story into Russian

A pithy thing, Andrew! Both the style and the intrigue are high-level as always...

Best of luck!

Alexey Kazovsky, 14 Nov 2011



Translate a fiction story into Russian

A real New Year (or Christmas) fairy-tale about children and adults. Very kind-hearted. You have a wonderful writing talent, Andrew.

Dmitry Kaminyar, 1 Dec 2010



Translate a fiction story from English into Russian

Hello))) I've read some of your stories already, and now I feel like leaving a comment. Your plots are exciting and intriguing. Thank you very much for such enjoyable things to read. Good luck and a lot of further inspiration))))

Maria Yaroshenko, 15 Jun 2010



Translate a fiction story from English to Russian

Hi Andrew!

Believe it or not, but you are a real children's writer!

Another great story I read in one breath, and it didn't leave me indifferent.

It's time to make a collection of children's stories, don't you think so?

Good luck and good spirits!

Alexey Kazovsky, 23 Oct 2010



Translate a fiction book from English into Russian

A very vividly written story, thanks to the author))

I had the impression of being there, that's what I like very much. The characters are so real you come to believe in them))

Good luck in your creative work!

Nataliya Andreyeva, 6 Mar 2009



Translate a fiction story from English to Russian

An interesting idea, and very well written too - the reader doesn't get lost in the time paradoxes (at least as far as it's possible in stories with time loops and stuff like that).

I wonder what will happen to the protagonist next...

Tatyana Minasyan, 21 Dec 2007



Translate a fantasy book from English to Russian
A verrrry good story!

It was a pleasure to read it. It's terrific that you describe significant details, like the flint knife in a wooden scabbard which of course rots away, not surviving through millennia to reach the shelf of the local museum, or the ritual Onokhitkhi performs over the dead body of his enemy. Those add a hundred points to the story's rating! It's always the details that make a story feel real.

Fyodor Gayvoronsky, 26 Aug 2007