"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur"
Red Adair

to meet your needs!

An average novel contains 80,000-120,000 words. Let’s say yours has 80,000.


Depending on your specific situation or budget, you can choose how to pay for having your book translated.


per word

Translate fiction into Russian

If you prefer to spend as little money as possible, you can choose to pay $0.03 per word, which makes $2,400 in total.

But you have to pay 100% upfront.

Not sure you can pay $2,400 at once?

Then you are most likely to prefer paying on a monthly basis.


per month

Sounds good?

Yeah, except that you will have pay it for 12 months, which will make $4,000 in the end.

Are there any options in between?


Actually, I offer

5 different payment plans

to meet your needs.

The basic approach is very simple:

The quicker you pay, the less money you spend!

(and vise versa)

Now with this in mind, it's up to you to choose any of the following

payment plan options:

Payment Plan






Price per word







Sum per payment 











Total sum 











PLEASE NOTE: The values in the last two columns have been calculated based on 80,000 words.

If you know how many words your novel contains, just enter the value in the table below, and it will automatically calculate how much money you'll need for each payment plan.

Enter your value (no comma needed)

 –  Your monthly payment cannot be less than $300. That is, if your novel consists of 50,000 words, you cannot choose either 9 or 12 months – the longest period for you is 6 months, which makes you pay $333.33 per month.


 –  No matter how long your payment period, the translation of your book containing up to 150,000 words will be completed within 3 months. If you choose a longer payment plan, you will receive the translation on a part-by-part basis, the last part being delivered after you pay the last sum.

 –  If you want a short story to be translated, it will take much less time, sometimes a couple of weeks. In this case, you are also advised to pay 100% upfront based on $0.03 per word. However, if you prefer to pay in parts, like half upfront and half upon completion, then the price will be $0.04. Should you prefer paying in three parts, it will be $0.05.


 –  The rates are going to remain as they are for as long as I can manage all the orders. As soon as I feel there is too much incoming work for me, I will raise the rates to reduce the number of orders. So seize the opportunity!

If you've already decided which payment plan to choose,

please feel free to contact me.

Editing Services

I also offer editing and proofreadig services, and my minimum is $0.01 per word, which is only possible if you pay 100% upfront. Otherwise the price will be $0.015 or higher (depending on the number of payments)