Let your characters speak perfect Russian!

Translate fiction from English into Russian

Even though I specialize in different areas, here I offer only fiction translation services. Why? Because fiction translation is my favorite line of work and I want to dedicate my whole life to it. As simple as that.

I work with different genres, such as fantasy, crime, horror, romance, sci-fi, historical fiction, as well as children’s fiction.

My most favorite genre, however, is FANTASY.

And I do believe fantasy books are most suitable to be translated into Russian (or any other language). That’s because fantasy tends to be understood equally well by people speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures.

With me, your characters will speak perfect Russian!

      The best way to check my professional skills is to order a sample translation. I can translate up to 300 words of your fiction text for free. Then you can just show my translation to any native Russian speaker to ask for his/her opinion.

      If you already have your book translated by someone else but you doubt about the quality, you are welcome to send it to me for examination. You can also ask me to do a sample translation and then compare the two versions. Don't ever risk a sloppy or bad translation – nothing can be worse for your reputation on the Russian book market. If you know your translation is far from good, you’d better ask me for editing services. 

      I believe that the most effective and reliable way to choose a translator is holding a tender. You order sample translations from different translators and then choose the best result. I’ll always be glad to take part in such a contest to show you I am the best fit.

Should you need a non-fiction text translated, please feel free to let me know. I do work in other areas, so I’d be glad to help you if your text belongs to one of the following spheres:

Archaeology, Cinema, Culture, Drumming, Education, Ethnography, Game Localization, General, Geography, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing, Music, Mythology, Paleontology, Philology, Popular Science, Rail Car Building, Railways, Religion, Self-help, Tourism, TV, Weapon & Armor, Web Localization, Zoology.

If you want to know more about me as a non-fiction translator, please feel free to view a couple of references.